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Bulla, even being only a small village with 180 inhabitants, is marked by a joined culture identity. Since more than 100 years the MUSIC BAND AND THE CHORUS of Bulla during the year organizes concerts and processions in the village as well as in the adjacent Val Gardena. In August the music band takes part to the parade of the Val Gardena’s music bands, dressing the traditional costume. This is a fascinating spectacle for all the tourists, rich of sounds and colors and with an atmosphere leading back to the past.

In Bulla the ancient WATER MILLS were careful restored and one of them was even functioning until 20 years ago. During the summer some guided visits for tourists are organized.

The festally atmosphere of the South Tyrolean Christmas fairs is one of the main attractions during the Christmas period. In Bolzano, Brunico, Vipiteno and in some other villages as well as in the Val Gardena traditional and handicraft items are offered, which source are to find in the history and since generations were carved in wood. These products are deeply rooted in the culture of this country and are offered on the original Christmas fairs. At this time, the entire province of Bolzano is captured by a bright Christmas atmosphere around the fair stands, which seems to connect the magic and fairy-tale with the beautiful craftsmanship remembering the childhood and the heart warmth in the middle of the snow.

The Gardena woodcarvings, in terms of sacral as well as profane art, are world famous. The source leads back to the 17th century and served as pastime during the endless winter period. In the course of time a real art developed out of this skill and the most precious art works are exposed in the Gardena Museum in Ortisei. In 1994 was founded the UNIKA - Val Gardena Sculptors’ Exposition taking place on every years’ first September days. During this three days event the sculptors work in a kind of living giant atelier offering the possibility to observe the creation of an art work and to talk with the carving artist.